October 2, 2015
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Here's his top tips for the Perfect Audition Song.

P. is for Playable:
Is this song too musically hard for a pianist who has never seen it before?
Are there excessive tempo/meter/key changes?
Is the copy I’m using legible?
Are the chords or the bottom piano staffs cut off/not visible on the copy I’m using? 
Is the musical information crystal-clear on the page (i.e. are my cuts marked correctly)?
E. is for Effective:
Does this song have musical impact? (btw, musical impact doesn’t necessarily mean loud)
Is there a clear storytelling arc?
Is the musical climax well-defined and does it occur at the right point in my cut?
Am I showing vocal range (pitch, dynamics, texture)?
Am I showing range as an actor (physicality, intention, communication)?
R. is for Relatable:
Does the text of this song make sense out of context?
Is there a universal theme being explored?
Does this song correlate with the kinds of characters I want to play?
Is this song too sad/angry/depressed to allow those in the room to connect with me?
Is there a tangible action that the character who sings this song is taking?
F. is for Flexible: 
Can I imagine playing the lyric of this song from many perspectives?
Is this song’s story too specific to be spun a different way?
If a director asked me to play this song in different circumstances, would that be doable?
Could I start at different points in the song with it still making sense?
Can I think of more than one role for which this song would be a good audition choice?
E. is for Easy (for you:)
Does this song show off something I do well?
Do I feel like I could roll out of bed at 6AM and sing this song?
Does this song feel like it “fits” me?
Does my face feel relaxed when I sing this song?
When I take a video of myself singing this piece, do I make it look easy?
C. is for Connected:
Is this song a story that I look forward to telling?
Do I feel an emotional pull toward this lyric?
When I listen to the music of this song without the text, do I still feel an emotional connection?
Do I understand the character who is singing this song?
Do I love this song?
T. is for Tailored:
Do I know this entire piece, so I can make informed decisions about edits?
Is my audition version the right length?
Is it in the right key?
Have I made the cuts that allow me to tell the story in the best way for me?
Do I need to make any slight lyric or music changes to feel more comfortable?
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